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Donor/Subscriber Benefits has the most extensive list of advanced tools and features of any sweepstakes site, a number of which are only available to donor subscribers. Some of these are listed below.

Access to powerful grid applets for high-power entry Bigsweeps utiilizes a powerful java grid applet in two functions - My List and My List Xpress. These provide the power user with an alternative means of sorting, classifying and rapidly working though their personal sweeps. To see how they work see This Video
Ability to export sweeps to XL spreadsheet With the My List and My List Xpress grids, you can export the listing to Microsoft Excel or compatible spreadsheets that accept the xls format. This makes keeping track of what you enter offline much easier than taking notes.
Ability to hide sweeps you are done with In the regular (non grid) listing, you can virtually hide every sweep you are done working withwith. Once hidden, a greyed-out name remains that you can click on to recall the full listings. This is especially useful for those "once and done" sweeps you are entering.
Ability to read problem reports When someone reports a problem with a sweep (e.g., submit button not working), that report is kept in a problems database. When donor subscribers encounter issues with a sweep, they can read all of the problem reports submitted for that sweep to help them learn if the problem is widespread. This helps alleviate the nagging question of "Is it my machine that's the problem?"
Weekly notification of new listings Donor subscribers can the special prize categories they are interested in and have weekly notifications emailed to them listing the sweeps added for the week that are offering these prizes. This is especially useful for users who have limited time or specific prize interests.
Ability to add low value sweeps Donor subscribers can add sweeps that don't meet the $50 ARV minimum standard. This is to allow them to have and enter sweeps that offer some lower value item they are interested in or in need of (e.g., books, utinsels, etc.).
Access to premium sweeps Certain sweepstakes are classified as being premium as the result of their value, number of prizes or general quality. Only donor subscribers can view and access these sweeps.

iPad Sweep Listings Donor subscribers have access to sweep listings optimized for the iPad. Bigsweeps' iPad functions let you scroll through sweep lists without have the header, footer and menus scroll out of sight.

To become a donor subscriber, go to Donor Subscriptions, where you can subscribe via PayPal or by mail.